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Hand-made Ink/Mixed Media Drawing

$ 50.00

Artist Cristina Pacheco will create an artwork inspired by the photo of your choice. After purchase, Sktchy will send you an email requesting your photo to share with the artist.

What will the artwork look like?

A portrait drawn in pen, adding texture and color with mixed media (watercolor, ink, markers, acrylic, etc), in Cristina’s expressive and whimsical signature style. Similar in style to these examples:


What do I get with this purchase?

- The artist will create an artwork inspired by the photo of your choice, and share the artwork on Sktchy
- You will get a standard-resolution file perfect for sharing on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks
- You can also get a high-resolution file perfect for printing if that add-on is available during checkout
- You will not get the original artwork or a print through this transaction

When will I get to see the artwork?

The artist will share the artwork on Sktchy within 10 days of your purchase. You will receive a notification email.

What if I want to buy the original or a print after I see the artwork?

The artist may be willing to sell you the original or a print. That would be a separate transaction not included in this purchase.

What if I want a refund?

We will give you a full refund, with no questions asked, up to 7 days after the artist shares the commissioned artwork on Sktchy. Please send your refund request to support [at] sktchy [dot] com.

Who is the artist?

Cristina Pacheco is a visual artist based in Guadalajara, Mexico, who loves to draw dramatic illustrations with different techniques, bringing out the inner world to plain sight. She is highly influenced by surrealism, expressionism, horror movies and introspection.

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