Portraits in Procreate with Jennifer Ackerman

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Learn Procreate and portraiture from artist Jennifer Ackerman. The class comprises 4 video lessons, 1 video Q&A and To Do items for each lesson.


Learn how to create a monochrome portrait with drama and depth. You'll use a variety of tools and application techniques to build a tonal base and practice blending techniques to create a smooth painting effect.
Lesson length: ~40m

Build upon your monochrome portrait from Lesson One by adding color with transparent glazing techniques. Using a second reference photo, you’ll also learn another coloring technique that resembles the vibrant look of alcohol markers.
Lesson length: ~50m

Create a pet portrait with expression and character and learn tips and techniques for sketching and painting fur without fear.
Lesson length: ~55m

Toss aside your stylus and learn how to use just your fingers to create an energetic, layered portrait utilizing a variety of inking and pencil tools and techniques.
Lesson length: ~50m

Watch and learn as Jennifer answers questions about the class, Procreate and portraiture in general from students.


What tools do I need to take this class?

You'll need an iPad (any model/generation), Procreate's iPad app (available for purchase in the App Store on iPad) and an iPad stylus.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes! You keep lifetime access to ALL class content, including recordings of the live Q&As, so you can effectively go at your own pace.

What Procreate skill level do I need for this class?

This class is meant for beginner to intermediate Procreate users. That said, our most beginner-friendly Procreate class is here.

Is this class different than your other Procreate classes?

Yes! This class has all-new lessons from a new teacher. It may touch on some of the same topics as our other Procreate classes, but each teacher has a completely unique way of creating portraits in Procreate.

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