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Seeing Nature's Beauty

$ 360.00


6 inches x 8 inches


An original portrait painting on Acid Free, Strathmore 400 Series Mixed Media 140lb heavy weight paper. The mixed media materials used for this portrait piece are water colors, acrylic paints, markers, Sharpies, inks, color pencils, spray paints, house paints, with some love and magic thrown in.

Artist Bio

Based in Hackettstown, New Jersey, artist Len Danovich juxtaposes the beauty of his subject matter with a foreboding element. The imagery tends to jump right at the viewer, with its intensity of composition, color, and detail. Using different mixing media techniques and a wide range of materials such as pens, pencils, paints, markers and spray paints, Len's illustrations are marked by intense bursts of color and fine detail that fills every available space. Len draws on multiple influences that inform his imagery style, such as Pop Culture, Music, Film, Humor, Horror, and Comic Art among others.

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