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Inktober doesn't have to be stressful

Do you find Inktober stressful? It doesn't have to be.

As Jake Parker, founder of the daily ink drawing challenge, says, "Sometimes the hardest part isn't doing the actual drawing, it's coming up with an idea of what to draw."

Problem solved. The Inktober2020 Portrait Challenge – our official partnership with Inktober – gives participants an inspiring reference photo every day of Inktober. No more fear of the blank sketchbook page!

Participants also get a video drawing lesson from one of three extraordinary teachers every day of Inktober. Reenforcing the #NoStressInktober theme...

Vin Ganapathy will teach a "fast and loose" inking style...

Organic artist Dylan Sara is going to show students how to "ink naturally" and be at peace with the results...

and Arto Isotalo will teach students the tranquil art of ink wash.

The Inktober2020 Portrait Challenge starts Oct. 1, and hundreds of artists have already signed up. Join in at