Drawing the Human Head with Mike Creighton

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Heads Up

Want to create a convincing portrait? You have to get the head right. In this beginner-friendly class, multidisciplinary artist Mike Creighton will teach you the fundamentals of drawing the human head and all its features from different angles.

  • 9 HD video lessons (~45 minutes each)
  • 4 live-recorded student Q&As (~60 minutes each)
  • 11 hours of video instruction in total
  • Inspiring reference photos to draw
  • Get immediate, lifetime access to all class content on Sktchy

We'll start with an introduction to the Loomis drawing method, and then do warm-up exercises to learn the basic structure of the head.

Next, we'll cover all the major features of the face and head: the nose, eyes, mouth and ears, breaking them down into their simplified forms and learning how to place them correctly.

Finally, we’ll bring it all together and construct the human head from three different angles: profile view, frontal view, 3/4 view.

By the end of the class, you’ll have all the building blocks for drawing believable, well-constructed heads.

Got Questions? Get Answers!

In four live-recorded Q&As, Mike answers questions from students like you while doing drawing demonstrations. These Q&As are in addition to the four class lessons.

Lifetime Access - Anytime, Anywhere

With your purchase, you’ll get lifetime access to the class on Sktchy, where you can communicate with Mike, connect with fellow students from around the world and get constructive feedback on your class art via desktop and any iOS or Android mobile devices.


What tools do I need to participate?

Pencil, paper, eraser.

    Can I go at my own pace?

    Yes! You keep lifetime access to ALL class content, including a recording of the live Q&As, so you can go at your own pace.

    What skill level do I need for this class?

    This is a beginner-level class, but more-advanced artists will also benefit from honing their head-construction technique.

    Do I get lifetime access to the class?

    Yes! Your purchase gets you lifetime access to ALL class content.

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