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30 Faces / 30 Days - Starting January 1, 2018

30 Faces / 30 Days - Starting January 1, 2018

$ 20.00

Update: Registration for January is now closed. You can sign up for the February edition HERE.

The challenge: Create a drawing of the human face every day for 30 days, starting on January 1, 2018.

Sign up to get tips and mentorship from amazing artists and hand-picked inspiration throughout the challenge. Open to artists of all levels.

Get Creative

Each morning of the challenge we'll send you a beautifully designed email with:

  • Exclusive drawing tips from amazing Sktchy artists
  • Examples of original artworks to illustrate the tips
  • Photos of inspiring faces for you to draw

Get Community

With registration you'll get access to Sktchy’s private 30 Faces / 30 Days Facebook group, where you and fellow subscribers can share WIPs, get feedback and connect with fellow artists from around the world.

Get Mentorship

Throughout 30 Faces / 30 Days, you will get mentorship from four incredibly talented Sktchy artists:

1. Nadyia Duff
2. Vin Ganapathy
3. Charlotte Hamilton
4. France Van Stone

Every week, one of your mentors will create a portrait drawing during a Facebook Live video broadcast––accessible to 30 Faces / 30 Days subscribers only––while responding to your questions in real time. If you can't catch a broadcast live, don't worry: We'll share each video in the private group afterwards.

A mentor will also be available throughout 30 Faces / 30 Days to give you feedback and help you grow as a portrait artist.

Get Hyped

At the end of 30 Faces / 30 Days, you will get one of your submissions featured in a public art collection on Sktchy alongside posts from your fellow participants.

Sign Up

Click “Add to Cart” and then checkout to purchase your registration. Registration closes at 11:59 pm EST on Wednesday, Dec. 27.

Refund Policy

You can get a full refund with no questions asked anytime before Friday, Jan. 5.

Any Questions?

Email us at info [at] sktchy [dot] com.