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Drawing Anatomy with Tiffany S. DaVanzo

Drawing Anatomy with Tiffany S. DaVanzo

$ 30.00 USD

Learn how to draw the human face from the inside out from a certified medical illustrator whose work appears in anatomical and surgical textbooks. Tiffany will teach you how to build a portrait, layer by layer, from the skull to the muscular anatomy to the skin and facial features, while sharing tons of tips along the way.

The class comprises 4 video lessons, 1 live video Q&A (recording available after broadcast) and To Do items for each lesson. Get lifetime access to ALL class content with your purchase.


In the first lesson, you'll study and illustrate the skull. Tiffany will help you create an outline drawing of your subject, sketch the underlying skull and identify important anatomical bony landmarks.
Lesson length: ~39m

In this lesson, you'll illustrate the muscles of the face over the skull. Tiffany will teach you about the different muscles groups and how they work to create different facial expressions. 
Lesson length: ~28m

In this lesson, you'll explore the unique anatomical structure of the eyes, nose, ears and lips in detail, and Tiffany will share tips for drawing them with anatomical accuracy.
Lesson length: ~24m

In this lesson, you'll learn how a child’s skeletal anatomy differs from an adult's, and Tiffany will demonstrate how our underlying musculature influences the skin as we age.
Lesson length: ~20m

Tiffany will host a live video Q&A at 12 pm EST on Thursday, Jan. 31, to answer your questions about the class. Don't worry if you can't attend the live Q&A: you will get access to a recording immediately after it's over. 


What tools do I need to take this class?

You do not need any specific tools, as the class is not medium- or technique-specific. You can use any tools, analog or digital, that you enjoy using to create a drawing. That said, here a few "nice to have"s for artists working with non-digital tools:

  • Drawing, mixed media or watercolor paper
  • Variety of graphite pencils, ink, colored pencils or watercolors
  • Eraser
  • Hand mirror
  • Lightbox, or tracing paper

If you are using digital tools, then you will want a drawing app that has layers (Procreate, Photoshop, etc.) and a hand mirror.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes! You keep lifetime access to ALL class content, including a recording of the live Q&A, so you can go at your own pace.

What skill level do I need for this class?

Beginner to intermediate.

Do I get lifetime access to the class?

Yes! Your purchase gets you lifetime access to ALL class content.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final.

Any Questions?

Contact us. We'll reply asap.

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