Drawing Faces: Basics & Beyond (Class Bundle)

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Improve your face drawing skills with 150 video lessons from eight inspiring artists.

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• 150 HD-video drawing lessons across 10 individual classes
• 140+ hours of HD-video instruction (~55 minutes/lesson)
• 100+ inspiring reference photos
• Learn from 8 extraordinary teachers

Learn the basics and build your skills, one face at a time. Perfect for beginner and intermediate artists alike! 

This bundle gives you immediate, lifetime access to 10 individual classes comprising 150 HD-video drawing lessons (~55 minutes/lesson). We'll cover:

• Foundational portrait drawing techniques
• Constructing the head (Loomis Method)
• Anatomy of head
• Crosshatching, contour hatching, etc.
• Shading techniques
• Establishing focal points
• Identifying shapes
• Creating texture
• Achieving accurate proportions/likeness
• Framing the face
• And much MUCH more!

Get access to 10 inspiring classes from eight extraordinary teachers, in one purchase.

Drawing is a genuinely life-changing activity. Better yet, it's fun, especially when you have an inspiring teacher guiding you every step of the way.

This bundle gives you eight of them including crosshatching virtuoso France Van Stone, Loomis Method expert Mike Creighton, certified medical illustrator Tiffany S. DaVanzo and portraiture guru Margriet Aasman!

These 10 classes are included in this bundle in their entirety:

1. Contour Hatching with Mike Creighton (8 lessons, ~12 hrs)

2. Crosshatching with France Van Stone (4 lessons, ~2 hrs)

3. Drawing Anatomy: The Human Face with Tiffany S. DaVanzo (10 lessons, ~8 hrs)

4. Drawing Faces with France Van Stone (60 lessons, ~60 hrs)

5. Drawing the Human Head with Mike Creighton (13 lessons, ~11 hrs)

6. Portrait in Graphite with Kate Higgins (6 lessons, ~5 hrs)

7. Portraits in Graphite with Derek McClure (15 lessons, ~12 hrs)

8. Portraits in Graphite with Juan Perednik (5 lessons, ~6 hrs)

9. Portraits in Pen with Robin Hilthouse (8 lessons, ~7 hrs)

10. Practicing Portraits with Margriet Aasman (20 lessons, ~17 hrs)

Immediate, Lifetime Access - Any Device!

With purchase, you get lifetime access to all bundle content on Sktchy, where you can communicate with your teachers and connect with fellow students from around the world via desktop and any iOS or Android mobile devices.

Student Testimonials: 'Sktchy revolutionized my drawing life'

This bundle gives you more than a bunch of inspiring classes – it gives you access to a community of creative people from all over the world. Meet a few students in the video above and hear what they love about our classes.


    What if I've already purchased one ore more of the classes included in this bundle?

    If you've purchased any of the classes in this bundle, contact us for possible discount options.

    What materials do I need to participate?

    This bundle includes 10 individual classes, each with its own list of supplies. That said, in general all you need is pencil, pen and paper!

    What skill level do I need?

    This bundle is designed for artists from beginner up to intermediate level. If you are a true beginner, we recommend starting with Drawing the Human Head with Mike Creighton, which is included in this bundle.

    Do I need an iOS-device to participate?

    No! All classes in the bundle are on Sktchy, which is available on iOS, Android and web.

    Where do I access the classes?

    All classes in the bundle are on Sktchy, which is available on iOS, Android and web.

    Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes! Your purchase gets you lifetime access to ALL bundle content.

    What is your refund policy?

    All sales are final.

    Any Questions?

    Contact us. We'll reply asap.